Explore the city
A coastal city where intensive commercial relations have been established by being one of the largest harbor cities of the country, has hosted the first fair of the history of Turkey. 
Apart from doing bussiness you can also visit the historical places and museums in İzmir. Especially, UNESCO World Heritage sites Ephesus and the city of Pergamon.
The city does not only have the historical places and coasts, it also offers colourful markets, superb cuisine and night life, enough to fascinate our visitors and exhibitors. 
Explore the trade
İzmir is among the most important cities in the country when the economic indicators are considered.
The reason why the region ranks high in terms of many economic aspects is that it has strong economic and trade relations with strong historical roots. Its high economic performance is the main reason the city has been able to protect this position.
According to the research by the Brookings Institute, which is an independent research organization in USA, İzmir is the second fastest growing metropolitan economy in the world. This data is taken from the 2014 Global Metro Monitor report in which 200 largest metropolitan economies were examined.
 In this context,  İzmir-Turkey's second largest commercial center-is;
An important industrial center at which 9.3% of Turkey's total industrial production is conducted,
An attraction center for investment with its 4 main commercial ports, 4 technology development zones and 2 free zones. İzmir also has 13 organized industrial zones, 9 active and 4 under construction.
Explore the seaports
İzmir has a significant potential regarding national and international maritime transportation. Alsancak, Aliağa-Nemrut, Dikili and Çeşme seaports are important points in maritime transport. Çandarlı Seaport which is under construction that will be one of the ten biggest seaports of the world will also be one of the connection points that will significantly increase the potential of İzmir.
Explore the investment
İzmir is among the preferred provinces for investors due to its geographical advantages and its economic and industrial potential. Providing a well-educated labour force to investors with its 9 universities, İzmir also offers an enjoyable social living with a modern and fun city life. Observing the number of foreign investments made to İzmir, it is seen that German companies take the first place with a share of 25%.
Concerning the sector diversity of FDI in İzmir, it is observed that most of investor companies are comprised of retail and wholesale trading companies. Regarding manufacture sector, the sub sectors of Food, Energy, Machine Manufacture, Footwear and Chemicals comes prominent. Especially companies functioning under manufacture sector have a very significant share regarding the employment and added value they create.
Explore the footwear industry
Turkish footwear sector in numbers:
·          An outstanding history of 1200 years in footwear industry.
·         Concentration of well developed and organized companies producing high quality fashion shoes.
·         World’s 7th and Europe’s 2nd largest shoe manufacturer.
·         400 million pairs of shoes production in a year.
·         Approximately 1.5 billion USD foreign trade volume in 2015.
·         6767 manufacturers.
İzmir’s role:
·         40% of total footwear production in Turkey is launched to the market from İzmir. 
·         Immense footwear industry zones.
·         Advantageous way for delivery of goods from convenient seaport.
Source: http://www.investinizmir.com/en/html/1129/FDI+in+Izmir